Artist’s Statement:

Photography for me is a therapeutic tool that lets me look at the beauty that surrounds us everyday …in our busy lives we forget to look around and look at details such as the shape of a tree or the story that an abandoned road or house can form into. When I see these things a whole new world opens up to me and a photograph is formed. I hope to one day share these details and stories with people and hope that my photographs bring the emotion to the viewer that I felt while creating.

After a horrific accident where there was a death in our family photography was the one thing that made me see beauty again a world that seemed so dark. My daughters are my muses and I think when they see themselves as beautiful pieces of art it becomes theauputic for them as well.


Florida photographer Alyssa Larson has been sharing life experiences through the camera lens for almost her entire life. At age fourteen Alyssa’s father helped build Alyssa’s first dark room. Along with a passion for photography, Bob instilled an appreciation for health, activeness, and world travel. Alyssa grew up in a home filled with collections of National Geographic magazine dating back to the mid-20th-century. It is Alyssa dream to have one of her photos published in National Geographic. Residencies in Florida, Colorado and Nepal as well as travels throughout much of the nations National Parks have allowed for stunning settings for Alyssa’s photography.

Years ago Alyssa met the love of her life, multi-generation Floridian, Glen. Glen and his family have owned and operated Dock & Marine Construction in South Florida for over 50 years. Together they have seen first hand the evolution of Florida and its coast to what it has become today. Alyssa and Glen have three children. They enjoy sharing the adventure of life together, snapping photos along the way, and are avid surfers, cyclists, motorcyclists, hikers, travelers, explorers and all around lovers of everything natural.

Alyssa’s photography can be seen at the 6th Street Container: Women in Photography in Miami, FL, at Deel Volkswagen and Deel Volvo showrooms in Coral Gables, FL.